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for this issue. >> to substitute to go vehicles is troublesome and reminds us of a situation in philadelphia, where they have a similar type law. but in a ten-year span, over 100,000 vehicles were impounded, and this also raises ethnic or racial profiling. >>> aaa would prefer only tickets and fines for drivers with expired registrations under six months. >>> republican presidential candidates took part in a feisty debate in las vegas. they came out swinging against herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> susan mcginniss has a recap. >> reporter: all bets were off in las vegas as republican presidential candidates went head to head. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> this has been a tough couple of debates for rick. i understand that. you are going to get testy. the debate heated up last night. >> you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year. >> if someone who has a record as governor with regard to illegal immigration that doesn't stand up, it is you. >> most polls show romney is still the gop front runner but all the candidates zeroed in on geo
. box cutters and blades, a bloody hammer, nearby a metal bar designed to hang clothing but used to end a promising life. norwood said the attackers sounded young and white and repeated called her the n-word. she said they told her if he heard another word he would cut my throat. there was a pair of her socks soaked in flood. andrea mckaren, 9 news now. >>> there were so many spectators unable to get in the courtroom, the judge considered going to a bigger involve ewe. >>> perry is committed to the debate on november november in michigan but is considering changes after the latest polls. >> reporter: rick perry's next gop debate could be one of his last. >> rick -- >> i'm speaking! i'm speaking! >> reporter: following several weak performances a slip in the polls, the texas governor is considering skipping upcoming debates. he will face on with his rivals on november 9th. >> i would never skip the date. >> reporter: the rest of the gop field was quick to criticize him. i can't see how someone can say that cannot debate newt gingrich or ron paul, but they are ready for barack obama. >> r
. >> i am not going to do an analysis of mormonnism versus christianity. >> none of us should sit in judgment on someone else's religion. >> the candidates didn't say it, but some of the participants characterized the religion as being outside the mainstream and possibly a cult. >>> a house panel may soon send subpoenas to the justice department in connection with the probe of a government run arms operation on the mexican border. >>> in 2009 the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms allowed members of a drug cartel to buy thousands of weapons from arizona gun shops. officials lost track of about 1400 out of 2,000 guns and some of the weapons have been recovered at crime scenes in mexico. >>> less military spending or the economic stability of montgomery county. that is the decision members of the county council face this had weekend. they called for the pentagon to drastically cut military spending and end wars abroad. >>> the measure has now been killed. the decision was made after defense contractor lockheed martin voiced its displeasure with that bill. lockheed martin is the
evidence. his attorneys claim stover is being used as a scapegoat in the case. 29 miners died in that west virginia coal mine back then. >>> this is a bad news good news story. when we first met warren mitchell last week, we were doing story about the acts food pantry in virginia, mitchell washed cars for a living. over the weekend, someone stole his power washer from his truck. after seeing our report ken buyers offered to give mitchell his $600 power washer free of charge. mitchell wants buyers to know he is going to put the washer to good use. he will also be able to wash homes, deck and even concrete. >>> even nor good news. thanks to the outpouring of donation acts food pantry will reopen this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. we'd like to thank channel 9 viewers. >>> our time is 4:35. the texas rangers are a game away from claiming the first world series championship. >> they rallied in the eighth inning. the rangers went on to beat the st. louis cardinals 4-2. monday night football, a battle of good defenses. ravens and jaguars. in this one the jaguars are the only one who happened to bring an
the jobs aren't worth saving. >> reporter: he used the last stop of his three day bus tour trying to convince lawmakers to pass $35 billion in aid this week. that measure part of his larger jobs package would be aimed at helping prevent states if laying off firefighters, police and teachers. >> keeping first responders on the job -- that's a jobs plan. putting more teachers in the classroom, that's a jobs plan. >> reporter: but the president wasn't the only one talking jobs wednesday. >> hey everyone. >> reporter: the first lady joined him at a military base in virginia while vice president biden pushed the plan in d. c. >> i strongly strongly, strongly, strongly, urge my colleagues and the republican party to think hard about this. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat is promising a vote on the $35 billion provision before lawmakers go on recess at week's end. >> we are going to make sure there is a vote on our bill this week. >> reporter: republicans say democrats are playing political games. >> they're actually designing legislation to fail on the other side so they'll have s
protections for social security and medicare. >> this week marks ten years since the u.s. war began in afghanistan and a new cbs poll shows public support appears to be waning. >> about 1,000 people were surveyed. 39% of them believe the war has been successful. 50% say it hasn't. 69% say the war has lasted a lot longer than they expected. 62% want to decrease the number of american forces in afghanistan. >> jury selection begins today in the trial of the alleged underwear bomber. nigerian-born umar abdu abdu fut alan. he's acting as his own attorney. >> the massachusetts man plotting to fly explosives packed model planes into targets here in washington has entered a not guilty plea. 26-year-old rezwan ferdaus made the plea in a court appearance in worcester, massachusetts. it has been orchestrated by the government suggesting an entrapment defense. curtis is a u.s. citizen accused of taking possession of grenades, guns and explosives from undercover fbi agents posing as al-qaeda operatives. they claim he tried to attack the capitol and the pentagon. >>> martin o'malley's redistr
used to comp the expenses unexpected in that project. >>> customers will have to pay more for a taxi ride. they announced plans to remove a $19 cap on fares. the meeter will keep running no matter how long the ride. that's on top of surcharges for extra bags or additional passengers and also the $1 gas surcharge because that still remains in effect. >> the state department is warning americans traveling around the world to be on alert after a u.s. military strike which killed a u.s. born al- qaeda leader in yemen. as former vice president dick cheney is defending the obama administration's use of force. >> reporter: officials warn the killing of a u.s.-born leader of al-qaeda in yemen raises the risk of anti-american violence worldwide. anwar al-awlaki was killed on friday. the new mexico native spoke fluent english and used the internet to gain a worldwide network. >> he was the pied piper of al- qaeda trying to inspire americans and others to attack fellow citizens. >> the radical cleric played a role in attacks against the united states including the fort hood shooting and the fai
$640 billion, that's nearly 5% of all u.s. banking assets. american banks also have more than a trillion dollars in loans with german and french banks which are the biggest lenders to the troubled european economies. the hope is this plan will shore up europe's financial system and keep global economies out of a recession. >> to our debt crisis, congress has four weeks left to come up with a spending deal or the u.s. government will shut down. this time it's a fight over the 2012 budget which funds the government through next september. two u.s. senators want to make sure this doesn't happen again. >>> democrat ben cardin and republican kelly iad have introduced a bill which would require congress to agree on a budget every year by a certain time. otherwise they would have to shut down and wouldn't be able to leave washington or go on recess till a new budget is passed. senators are hoping if the bill passes, it could give their colleagues more than a few incentives to get things done. >>> the super committee met yesterday and discussed the impacts of the cuts with the congres
. >>> the outages which are plaguing blackberry users overseas have now come here to the u.s. >> that's right. a worldwide service outage has put millions of blackberry users and subscribers without internet e-mail and messenger access on their smart phone. as lesli foster tells us, outraged customers say the problem has disrupted their business and personal lives. >> reporter: millions of blackberry users in the united states and canada can't get their e-mail or their instant messages. >> having trouble sending, receiving. sent five or six blackberry messages, they don't get through. >> the problem began overseas, research in motion, the company that makes the smart phone said a crucial link in its infrastructure as well as its back-up failed three days ago, causing the worst outage in years. in a statement, the company says we're working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and we'spologyize to our customer for any inconvenience. blackberry is using twitter to update customers. customers are using twitter to trash blackberry. blackberry controls all of its e-mail and other data t
been compared by many to the same tactics used by the tea party to pressure republicans and for those who want more taxes imposed on the rich. you might be in their bullseye. >> the d. c. area has one of the greatest concentrations of wealth in the world. it is montgomery county, bethesda, potomac, north bethesda. garrett park. it is mclean and fairfax county. >> reporter: i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> on 9news now at 5:00 a.m. surae chinn is live at freedom plaza with more reaction from protestors. >>> police in the town of vienna, virginia are investigating a disturbing case involving an 11-month-old boy. wednesday the toddler was rushed to the hospital in what is described as an unresponsive state. some reports say the child suffered a severe brain injury. >> he was traveling with a babysitter back to his home. when they got there the mother called 911 because the child was unresponsive. the toddler was treated at reston hospital center and then flown to children's national medical center. the condition is not known at this time. the case however remains under investigation. >>>
news now. >>> we want to know if you have had any flooding or damage in your area. let us know by going to wusa click on weather and choose the mixed storms report. >>> a person of interest is in custody this morning in charlotte, north carolina in connection with a murder in germantown. >>> 45-year-old curtis lopez is the estranged husband of -- mcqueen. mcqueen's body was found. witnesses saw lopez removing things from mcqueen's apartment and there is no sign of 11-year-old william mcqueen. >>> today marks the start of another chapter in the murder case. the family of 17-year-old ali mohammed is expected to file a lawsuit against owners of a nightclub. >> mohammed was believed to have thrown a brick through the front window of dc 9 after he was thrown out. witnesses say he was chased by club employees and a struggle began. mohammed died in the struggle. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide and several employees were charged. but a later autopsy found mohammed had a heart condition which the medical examiner said contributed to his death. >> mr. ali was alive before t
federal procurement fought scandals in our nation's history. >> prosecutors allege the men use the money to buy expensive real estate, bmws, audis, rolex and cartier watches, high-end liquor, luxury hotel rooms and flat screen tvs. >> prosecutors say the conspirators were plotting an even bigger payday. a share of a $780 million contract. all of this apparently made possible by the special rules congress has set up for alaska native corporations. the contracts were steered through one based in dulles called iactec. >> congress set up special rules for alaska 40 years ago to help settle tribal claims. no big contracts, up to $1.3 billion. as this case suggests, when you're talking that kind of money, the possibilities of corruption are enormous. at u.s. district court, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> lawyers for the men say they had too little information to talk to reporters about these charges. >>> a federal appeals court is uphelding restrictions on gun ownership in the district. the judge ruled a ban on assault weapons and magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition is consti
. >>> here in d.c., the u.s. parks police has decided to end its standoff with demonstrators at freedom plaza. they have extended a group's permits by four months. protestors have spent the past four days camping at freedom plaza. the permit has been set to expire last night and organizers say they had planned to stay put anyway. the group began camping in freedom plaza thursday coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan last friday. >>> republican presidential candidates square off tonight in new hampshire. they'll take part in the debate that will focus solely on jobs and the economy. new hampshire is considered a key state in the presidential race because it holds the nation's first primary. >>> did the government accuse the right person in the deadly 2001 anthrax attacks? the fbi has maintained former army scientist bruce ivan was responsible for them. he committed suicide as investigators closed in. however, a new paper released by three scientists says the chemical makeup of the anthrax shows it could not have been made with the equipment ivans had. a fu
put points on the board. they got 7. and that leads us to this. what do you say about the redskins? well the team has now lost three straight, and it just continues to unravel. without running back tim hightower and receiver santana moss the john beck led offense managed only 10 first down and no points. and gave up nine. count them. he is feeling them this morning, nine sacks on john beck. on the other side of the field bills ryan kirkpatrick threw two touchdowns. the final score 23-0. nothing. wasn't good. saints lost. patriots lost. bad day. >>> >>> despite a few missed tests there is a new leader in the race. herm main cain is leading the latest poll. >> but as susan mcginniss tells us, being in the lead also means being the subject of political attacks. >> reporter: a new poll shows herman cain gaining home tum in way way two months before the state holds the first nominated contest. >> people have connected with me and the specific solutions are putting on the table. >> reporter: he leads the gop pack with 23%, edging out mitt romney with 22%. but opponents have questioned ca
at large in iran. president obama calls the plot a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law. but iran denies the accusations calling them false and baseless. >> the united states is committed to holing iran accountable for its actions. >> officials have imposed new sanctions against tehran and the state department is hoping other nations will join the u.s. in pressuring a country it sees as a growing threat. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >>> prince george's county police have arrested ed a woman for allegedly stabbing and wounding a woman outside a mcdonald. antoinette starks walked out of a shopper's supermarket with a pack of knives. according to police, stabbed a woman next door outside the target. the 39-year-old woman who was stabbed is listed in stable condition. starks is charged with first and second degree attempted murder. first and second degree assault and assault with a deadly weapon. >>> records in 9news now's archives show this isn't the first time starks was charged with a stabbing attack. in 2005, starks went on a stabbing rampage at the nordstrom
, whatever documentation is requested of us. >> but you're going to be surprised if it turns out there were irregularities in the campaign. >> i'm surprised this happens in the first place. >> green has also denied brown's claim that she gave him money and the job. >>> so would you be willing to pay more at the pump if it meant getting more jobs for maryland residents? governor o'malley has a plan to do exactly that. >> the plan calls for a list of road and school construction projects to help get people back to work but funding the plan would also mean a propoised gas tax hike of 15 cents. the passed it would bring the state's gas tax to 38.5 cents per gallon. >> what are we willing to do in order to get people back to work more quickly? >> there are indeed a lot of people in pain and the idea that they're going to be able to afford additional taxes in this time of economic struggle is wrong. >> hearings on the proposal are set to begin today. >>> maryland they're scheduled to vote today on governor o'malley's redistricting plan. one democrat even and one republican. under the plan, the di
. the ceremony took place as hurricane irene delayed the original event. as bruce johnson tells us, huge crowds showed up to honor the civil rights leader. >>> at times the dedication of the king memorial resembled an outdoor church service with lots of music, preaching and remembering this country's greatest civil rights leader. >> as we dedicate this monument, i can hear my father say that oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. >> reporter: president obama was only six years old when martin luther king was assassinated. but no one among the 10,000 people missed the significance of the nation's first african-american president dedicating the first monument for an african-american. >> a black preacher, no official rank or title, who somehow gave voice to our deepest dreams, and our most lasting ideas. >> reporter: the president seemed to tie the struggles to dr. king's times to his efforts to deal with this economy. >> as tough as times may be, i know we will overcome. >> reporter: dedication to a fraction of the crowd that would have been here in august had not hurricane irene cance
stay south. it's going to come toward us. that means some cold rain. >> good movies out there you know what i mean? have a good time. >> glass is half full. >> holiday shopping. >> late next week another cold storm headed this way. >> cold storm. i don't like two words together. >> we don't know how cold it's going to be yet so i'm not going to say. how's that? weather-wise let's get you going with the bus stop forecast on this wednesday morning. not bad out there this morning. it's a little cool. you'll need the jackets, 40s and 50s under partly to mostly cloudy skies. sunrise, 7:27. another week or so go to before we get to the daylight savings time. this weekend though, it's going to get dark at about 6:15 or so. today, a few peeks of sun this morning. noontime mostly cloudy. 65. as we get into the afternoon hours, pushing the 70-degree mark. some spotty showers even by 4:00 and a better chance of the showers after that. so by 8:00, some showers around and 63. still with the southwesterly winds. front is coming through tomorrow. that will change our fortunes so still mild today but
and unemployed to join the rally. organizers plan to march down to the u.s. chamber of commerce across the street from the white house carrying rez mace, application and demanding jobs. >>> there is both good and bad unanimous report about the job front. according to payroll processor adp, private companies did increase their hirings last month. but another survey shows the number of people laid off also increased to 116,000 last month. that's 126% jump from august. that has congress scrambling. >> we're told senate democrats are making changes to part of president obama's jobs bill and the changes aren't expected to be welcomed by republicans. democrats are including a 5% tax on incomes higher than $1 million. senate majority leader harry reid plans to bring the bill to the floor next week. >>> former alaska governor sarah palin will not run for president in 2012. she made the announcement during a radio interview yesterday. palin thinks she can be more effective for the other true public servants if she stays in the private sector. >>> prince george's county police are warning women who walk to
bill. the house of delegates passed it on wednesday. we have eight seats in the u.s. house of represent tiffs. they were being redrawn for the next 10 years in response to the 2010 census. democrats say the map reflects the population growth in the d. c. suburbs. republicans however say the new lines are an effort by maryland democrats to remove congressman bartlett from office who's a republican. >>> the founder and former head of pizza hollics is planning to run for the d. c. council as a republican. ron moten is expected to switch to the gop party later today. he plans to run against alexander who represents ward 7. moten is an outspoken critic of mayor gray and the current members of the council. >>> closing arguments are expected to begin in the trial of a former montgomery county elementary schoolteacher accused of abusing her students. susan burke lost her job at green castle elementary school in silver spring when the charges surfaced in january. during her testimony, burke painted an unflattering portrait of her young accusers describing them as troublemakers and one as a class
in for saturday. the system likely to stay south of us. that is covering myself. sunday partly sunny and cool. monika santani, here we are at 4:47. how is it looking out there this morning? >> we have already had a bit of activity. it is washington, things are looking fine on the north side of town. i'm going to show you a live look at the beltway at university boulevard. overnight construction basically between georgia avenue and university. you have to basically stay to the right to get by both loops of the beltway out of this camera shot. they should be thick picking that up within the next 10 minutes. basically between the beltway and nutley street, you want to follow the detours to get around the construction. again that is going to be about another ten minutes inside the beltway. we'll go over to 95. at route one and woodbridge. it is causing a bit of a back- up to be aware of that as well. coming up in my next report we'll talk about construction around the area. >>> a northern virginia man is desperately hoping to get back an extremely valuable part of equipment. >> we highlighted war
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21